Process control for excellent results

CEME, guaranteed quality

Quality CEME Group

Over the years, CEME has developed thorough, painstaking quality control to assess all production phases and ensure excellent results for its customers, without leaving anything to chance. CEME devotes particular attention to all techniques and innovations that make it possible to develop environmentally sustainable technologies and production processes in a fully environmentally friendly manner.

CEME has made a concrete commitment, and obtaining the ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications, along with ISO 9001, is an important success in the path towards efficiency and responsibility on which we have embarked.

Defining, measuring, analysing, improving and repeating controls: this is the procedure adopted by the CEME system, focused on the overall set of design, production and management processes. To ensure guaranteed quality and full satisfaction of all the customer's needs and expectations.

Statistical Control

Statistical control by the CEME Quality Department, from incoming raw materials to products before shipment, with immediate responses for the production area.

Production controls

PLC automatic controls of production work, followed by statistical control performed by the operator and an audit by the CEME Quality Department.