Electro valves and pumps

CEME produces electro valves and pumps for multiple applications in the beverage sector. A wide range of products for applications in contact with drinking water, in compliance with the main international reference standards.
In this sector, in addition to the management of main coolants and water, CEME developed a group of vibration pumps for syrups, concentrates and alcoholic liquids to meet the needs of new improvements required by the market.
At the same time, the strong development of plastic valves, with patented solutions, and of control and safety components (pressure gauges, transducers, safety valves) provide CEME customers with a complete kit of components for the design of new automated beverage distribution machines.
The experience the CEME research and develop team developed on beverage applications is at the disposal of customers for the design of integrated or customised solutions, in order to quickly and innovatively meet evolving market needs.