A comprehensive House of Brands


CEME offers a wide range of certified solenoid valves for critical fluid control applications and is a reference for many markets such as coffee, home appliances, Sanitary, beverage, HVAC, Medical, automotive and industrial. Ceme offers a unique set of expertise and know-how to support customers in developing new solutions. Solenoid micro pumps, transducers and various valve accessories complete the Ceme’s product portfolio.

ULKA is the undisputed market and technology leader for solenoid piston pumps, always a step ahead in terms of innovation and quality. ULKA pumps are setting the standards for all the major brands of coffee machines and many other critical applications, in the beverage, HVAC, medical and whenever a reliable pump with high performances is needed.
Primarily designed for water, ULKA pumps are also suitable for a wide range of fluids

ACL S.r.l. is manufacturing a wide range of solenoid valves in different versions since 1987. Being focused on the satisfaction of customers’ needs, ACL is available to deal with all kind of requests concerning both standard and special products. ACL’s expertise is testified by the large number of customers worldwide, which are acting in all the industrial fields where the control of fluid is necessary.

Since 1960 ODE S.r.l. (Officine di Esino Lario) has been providing customized desings and production of solenoid valves for manufacturers and system integrators following our fundamental principles of quality, adaptability and reliability, including excellent post sale service.