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CEME, servicing the industry since 1974

About Us Our history

CEME’s experience in the production of industrial valves and pumps dates back to 1974, when the company was established by Renzo Miotti.
In the 1980s and 1990s, CEME expanded its businesswith skill, innovation and dynamics, multiplying its application sectors and product range, specialising in the design and development of fluid control components: electro-valves, solenoid valves, pressure switches, flow meters and complete accessories. The evolution occurred through the implementation of an engineering department and advanced assembly lines.

In the 2000s, CEME extended its influence beyond Italian and European borders.The opening of the production facilities in China (Zhongshan), a hub fully dedicated to the Asian market, dates back to 2005. In2006, the purchase of ULKA triggered a true escalation of production processes which led to strong growth, higher sales and a larger customer portfolio thanks to the initiated globalisation. The solid present and future full of possibilities allow CEME to design new products with the consolidation of its market share in China and the United States, continuous valve and pump design, development and production perfection and the choice of ideal solutions for every customer.
Today Ceme is recognised as the undisputed worldwide leader for solenoid pumps and a top global player for solenoid valves


CEME offers a wide range of certified solenoid valves for critical fluid control applications and is a reference for many markets such as coffee, home appliances, Sanitary, beverage, HVAC, Medical, automotive and industrial. Ceme offers a unique set of expertise and know-how to support customers in developing new solutions. Solenoid micro pumps, transducers and various valve accessories complete the Ceme’s product portfolio.

ULKA is the undisputed market and technology leader for solenoid piston pumps, always a step ahead in terms of innovation and quality. ULKA pumps are setting the standards for all the major brands of coffee machines and many other critical applications, in the beverage, HVAC, medical and whenever a reliable pump with high performances is needed.
Primarily designed for water, ULKA pumps are also suitable for a wide range of fluids

CEME undisputed worldwide leader for solenoid pumps, top global player for solenoid valves.

Our mission

To be the world point of reference in the solenoid valve and pump market.
We invest in innovation, to create increasingly more functional products;
we use high quality materials to obtain excellent results;
we want to be the ideal technical partner for all customers.

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The CEME sales force is flanked by a structure of partner distributors located in 50 countries, that supply CEME brand electro valves, pumps, pressure gauges and transducers and provide tailored customer service.
These highly skilled partners independently manage client portfolios and guarantee a widespread, competent organisation which is completed by a logistics service that provide customers with quality and prompt service.
Contact us to find your closest distributor or if you are a distributor interested in working with CEME.