Proud to announce

CQC certification

Continuing in the tradition of striving for excellence, we are very proud and excited to announce that we received our CQC certification. This achievement is an important milestone for Ceme as we continue to improve our Quality Management System. Our dedicated team, have invested time, effort and resources in this certification process because we recognised its importance as a significant business tool for our customers. In fact, the Chinese market has strict access requirements, with the authorities regulating for a wide range of products. Without the CQC mark, your products cannot gain legal access to the Chinese market, and they may be impounded at ports of entry. Manufacturers or distributors of products that are not CCC certified may also be subject to penalties. Likewise, the CQC Mark helps manufacturers to differentiate themselves from their competitors’ by demonstrating to consumers their commitment to producing a high quality and safe product. To view the certificates : click here

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